Fully automated

Create, Scrape, Modify, Upload, Relax.

  • The Single Best Tool For Adult Marketing Tube Dominator allows full automation of adult video marketing campaigns on 15 adult tube sites.
  • Automatic Account Creator Tube Dominator supports automatic account creation including captcha solving & email verification.
  • Video Scraper & Ripper Scrape videos from any supported site using keywords, custom URL lists, upload from HD & even sort content using search filters & keyword blacklists!
  • Video Modifier For Promotional Content Tube Dominator supports a unique system allowing automatic intro/outro appending at near instant speeds. Custom FFMPEG commands can be added to each campaign & a list of commonly used commands is available in the wiki.
  • Fully Automated Video Uploader Turn each single video into 15 videos by allowing Tube Dominator to automatically upload your content to all supported sites.
Tube Dominator

Account Creator

Schedule automatic account creation tasks to create, verify, profile accounts & automatically add them to existing campaigns.

Video Scraper

Automatically scrape videos from supported sites, hard drive & URL lists. Scrapers include search sorting options & keyword blacklisting features.

Video Modifier

Merge a promotional intro/outro video automatically, including watermarking & video title/description/tag content token usage.

Video Uploader

A hands-free approach. Allow Tube Dominator to do the work for you - find videos, download, modify & upload to 15 supported sites automatically.

Video Manager

Allowing automatic video URL scraping for sites that review videos & track your video views, comments & ratings of your uploaded videos.

Settings Manager

Customize everything - Captcha settings, scraper settings, spinner settings, search sort modes, proxy settings, video storage options & more.

The single most automated bot I have ever used, absolutely love it!

Daniel, (BHT user Jrim442)

Very happy with the results so far, paid itself back a few times over already.

Chris, (BHT user psphacks)


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How automated is Tube Dominator?

Tube Dominator allows you to simply create campaigns with your own keywords to search for videos with, or video URL's to upload, including from hard drive. You then enter your own FFMPEG commands, of which samples are available, optionally select your intro/outro video locations & add the campaign. You can then create tasks using the account creator to automatically create & add these accounts to tasks. So once setup it is completely set & forget. All that is needed from yourself is a supply of POP3 email accounts, yet even this can be automated with our catchall email support.


Do I need proxies to work with Tube Dominator?

If you wish to use Tube Dominator to create or run multiple accounts on the same websites then yes, high quality proxies are needed due requirements of speed & bandwidth involved when downloading & uploading videos. Tube Dominator has a smart system that allows you to separate account creation, scraping & uploading proxies.


How can I monetize Tube Dominator?

Tube Dominator allows you to set your own video title/description/tag content including token usage. For example, "[TITLE] from mywebsite.com". TD also allows you to automatically append intro & outro videos to any videos processed by the program along with watermarking support & even support for using custom FFMPEG commands.


What are the requirements of Tube Dominator?

The only user requirements for Tube Dominator are a Windows PC, at least 2GB of RAM, enough HDD space to store videos as they are processed, proxies if required, a captcha account & POP3 enabled email accounts to create accounts with. You can even use your own catchall email accounts which is a 5 minute process to setup with a guide in our wiki.


Which websites does Tube Dominator support?

Tube Dominator currently supports 15 of the largest tube sites. You can check the full list of supported sites by downloading a trial version of our program here.

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